Cherish Yourself! Ft. #Part2

“It’s time to cherish yourself”.
Hello lovely people, yes what you read is truely what’s running in my mind these days! Life is being so fast just like those roller-coaster ride for me, that I hardly am finding any time with myself out there!

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Things are changing rapidly, that I almost have a to-do list for about a month ahead!! Like its gona be so busy! Having said that, I love being busy but this time the vibes are something different! I feel like it’s very important for any of us out there to take time out for themselves. To re-generate self love! To re-discover, to improve oneself! And for me it was this time while shooting this post!

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The vibes were comfy, playfull and so very posive soothing my soul. I felt the power to do many things ahead, I could literally organise stuff that were just so messy in my mind.. It was just my time! 🙂


Now all thanks to who again gave me those comfy pants on! You guys must check out their jogger pants collection as they are super cheap trendy and way more comfortable!


This pants actually allowed me to be myself, with no restrictions on! No sign of discomfort! It’s was just a jovial time with myself!

Also talking fashion, all you could do is pair it with any cute crop top and denim shirt and make this comfy looking pants turn into a weekend movie time attire!
Adding choker accessories would even do wonders on this!

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So share your look from Bewakoof and show some love guys! Also please check out their Instagram handle @Bewakoofofficial to get some more styling ideas by my fellow blogger friends! Don’t forget to follow me here aswell!

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