Style Black on Black with!! #Part1

Trying new things, experimenting with variation in outfits is what I learnt in my journey so far.. It’s always going to change as they say ‘change is constant’. This not only keeps me highly motivated but helps me to learn at each and every step of my journey!!


Taking this ahead like I always say and feel confidence is what makes our journey easy. And to lift up my confidence is this chic outfit. Black on Black is always Dope (also that’s what says my vest 🙂 ) I am so obsessed with men’s wardrobe, that I actually bought this men’s vest to style it on! This one is from!


Bewakoof is an online store which enhances trends, style and comfort at one place. For all those who love funky, trendy stuff Bewakoof is the right place guys. I personally loved the stuff out there. Apart from clothing, outfits they also have a wide range of options for some funky mobile covers, laptop skins, etc..



Talking about my outfit this men’s vest is what I wanted to try on! We as girls wont easily end up wearing men’s outfits but like I mentioned in my previous post we girls can carry anything and everything with a Bang & make it look ours.Now lets talk about the style and fashion that guys follow. I love to wear basics and so I find most of them at men’s section! But who had really thought of wearing them?? Yes so this was again like challenging myself to step out of my regular comfort zone & try on something new!


Also black on black was something that can go with any mood,occasion and make you feel super cool and  super chic at the same time. And as they say’ When its black you can never go wrong!’ Also where could I find these super cool, funky and pocket friendly vest it had to be at Bewakoof ! You guys should check out their website for some cool, sporty stuff!


So this was my first look featuring men’s ‘Dope’ vest from Bewakoof, pairing it with black pant and white canvas shoes! And white sling was just to add a feminine touch to it! 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this look!