ClickThatStyles started in December 2015, as a fashion blog. Soon Kavita Musale who claims to run this blog realises that she has got interesting lifestyle and travel plans that she decides to share with the world around. ClickThatStyles is not only about being fashionable all the time but also how you dress yourself even in the simplest and casual outfits. CTS is always relate-able to its readers in some way or the other.

Today: ClickThatStyles is growing daily with a honest group of followers, where it covers portraits and freelances as an illustrator. On the other hand Kavita being the social media influencer shares her imperfectly perfect life and claims its okay to not be perfect but aim to love yourself the way you are all the time.



One thought on “About

  1. Vinny June 2, 2016 / 4:19 pm

    Helloo, Vinny here
    I am a fan of your blogs. I simply love reading them. They always add great stuff in my knowledge. Thanks alot for soo much updation
    And I am the professional and certified makeup artist, and looking for having career in media. I have also worked with some photographers and fashion blogger. So if you need a perfect makeup artist than let me know. 😊

    Regards, Vinny


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