Flyrobe – Drops Happiness!

Hello Lovely people,

All new post is up again, just to see those smiling faces around. I just love to share what I feel always with you guys and this is the best place where I could do it.

There are time when I feel to go back into my shell where there is no room for light. I wish to stop and think of what I am today or what I am doing today. Basically analysing myself is the current hobby I guess.

This is when I realise how important it is to be in darkness sometime and just to see things happening around and learn from them. But in today’s fast and carefree world we tend to struggle on daily basis for that one recognition or attention, just by running behind the bulls for success. But my friend it is not necessary to always be on stage, sometimes being in the audience and at a back-seat in that darkness, showers more happiness and pleasure to our life.


Let the Outfit talk now!!

Flyrobe came along dropping smiles. It is a rental place for female closet where you get to rent a outfit for 3 days. And frankly I was impressed by their service. They are just a call away my friend.

I ordered this outfit on Saturday morning and got it delivered by Saturday afternoon itself, wasn’t this too quick? Yes!! And I used this for almost 2 days. The return date was on Monday! I was so massively impressed by all of this. They made my weekend simply perfect.


I feel this is perfectly made for summers and spring, also the material fits my body so well adding a sheek effect all together.

I would suggest you guys to visit their page- I shall mention the link below and find some more interesting outfits there.


Since Flyrobe is here, we girls don’t have to worry any more, be it for any occasion, party, function they are just there to help us out. It a pocket friendly place as well! 🙂

So – “Why to buy when you can rent”.

Stay Happy



3 thoughts on “Flyrobe – Drops Happiness!

  1. Chinmay Musale April 14, 2016 / 1:13 pm

    new lookss r alwyss goodd….goin fabb dii..all d bstt


  2. Jennifer April 14, 2016 / 7:28 pm

    I loved it again Ms Blogger


  3. Jennifer April 14, 2016 / 7:30 pm

    Loved it again Ms Blogger


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