Say No to Pants!! X0X0

“If you can Dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney.


What a motivation to take this post ahead.. I felt that line, deep inside somewhere. Dream about life that you want to live and work for that, do what makes you feel best, do what makes you feel happy, take those baby steps towards your goals.. One day you will be there.. Wow I feel this so deeply right now!! Sharing all this with you guys is making me immensely happy.


I am glad that I am sharing my feelings through this post. This blog is just like my personal diary that I will be treasuring for life.. Every line has a different emotion and a story behind.. Some are those bitter experiences of past while some are from those little achievements..But however it is!! It’s mine! And now it’s OURS!!

I usually don’t understand how do I start writing the post but once I do.. I just cannot stop it! Feelings are so magical..


But now let’s get to Fashion.Style.And what I am wearing 😀

So this is a Shirt dress that has got long & big checks on it. The material is soothing to body just as we need for this weather. Too cozy, warm from inside, also I feel this is the best dressing that anyone should wear this rainy season! It avoids the stress of wearing those pants and catching those dirt on!


I feel its super dope, & cool when the rains are on.. Also the colours are adding more value to it, making it look way more comfy and stylish!!


Wear it on weekends, or at your college (if you are allowed to do so) or just for a day out. And fall in love with your own self! ❤



Cherish Yourself! Ft. #Part2

“It’s time to cherish yourself”.
Hello lovely people, yes what you read is truely what’s running in my mind these days! Life is being so fast just like those roller-coaster ride for me, that I hardly am finding any time with myself out there!

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

Things are changing rapidly, that I almost have a to-do list for about a month ahead!! Like its gona be so busy! Having said that, I love being busy but this time the vibes are something different! I feel like it’s very important for any of us out there to take time out for themselves. To re-generate self love! To re-discover, to improve oneself! And for me it was this time while shooting this post!

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

The vibes were comfy, playfull and so very posive soothing my soul. I felt the power to do many things ahead, I could literally organise stuff that were just so messy in my mind.. It was just my time! 🙂


Now all thanks to who again gave me those comfy pants on! You guys must check out their jogger pants collection as they are super cheap trendy and way more comfortable!


This pants actually allowed me to be myself, with no restrictions on! No sign of discomfort! It’s was just a jovial time with myself!

Also talking fashion, all you could do is pair it with any cute crop top and denim shirt and make this comfy looking pants turn into a weekend movie time attire!
Adding choker accessories would even do wonders on this!

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

So share your look from Bewakoof and show some love guys! Also please check out their Instagram handle @Bewakoofofficial to get some more styling ideas by my fellow blogger friends! Don’t forget to follow me here aswell!

Click here for last post featuring men’s vest with bewakoof!


Forever 21: Sale Showers Happiness!!


Hey guys!! I hope you having a lovely time reading this post.. I am late this time, and I hate it when things like this happen to me.. But never mind, as they say it’s never too late!! 😀 I am up here again with another blog post, but this time it’s all about sale!! Who doesn’t love to shop in this period where there is sale everywhere around?? I literally wait for this time to come and my wish list is always ready to grab the best deals!! Like, why not??


This is the only best part about monsoons I guess, where there are smiling faces even in the crowds.. You guys must have seen this Forever 21 crop top almost around every where in the store, and I really wanted to have one. Stripes as I always say would never go out of fashion so soon. Now my wardrobe has almost 5 stripe outfits and that’s something insane.. Like I wont buy same stuffs over again and again but stripes are attracting me way too much.. They are so trendy, bold at times.



I wanted to keep my look super casual, comfy like always as there is monsoon I do not want to overdo stuff.. I feel this look is more like a college going thing or a street shopping look where there is high priority to comfort along with style. You can even layer this up with any blazer or jacket if you are not allowed to wear sleeveless in your colleges. Also a denim jacket would do wonders. So try this basic super chic sale outfit for yourself! Also this would suite all the body type no matter what shape or size you are of, since stripes enhances our structure and makes us look more taller. 😀 So just love yourself the way you are, because you are the best my girl :*


So now definitely try on stripes for this season and share your love 🙂



Style Black on Black with!! #Part1

Trying new things, experimenting with variation in outfits is what I learnt in my journey so far.. It’s always going to change as they say ‘change is constant’. This not only keeps me highly motivated but helps me to learn at each and every step of my journey!!


Taking this ahead like I always say and feel confidence is what makes our journey easy. And to lift up my confidence is this chic outfit. Black on Black is always Dope (also that’s what says my vest 🙂 ) I am so obsessed with men’s wardrobe, that I actually bought this men’s vest to style it on! This one is from!


Bewakoof is an online store which enhances trends, style and comfort at one place. For all those who love funky, trendy stuff Bewakoof is the right place guys. I personally loved the stuff out there. Apart from clothing, outfits they also have a wide range of options for some funky mobile covers, laptop skins, etc..



Talking about my outfit this men’s vest is what I wanted to try on! We as girls wont easily end up wearing men’s outfits but like I mentioned in my previous post we girls can carry anything and everything with a Bang & make it look ours.Now lets talk about the style and fashion that guys follow. I love to wear basics and so I find most of them at men’s section! But who had really thought of wearing them?? Yes so this was again like challenging myself to step out of my regular comfort zone & try on something new!


Also black on black was something that can go with any mood,occasion and make you feel super cool and  super chic at the same time. And as they say’ When its black you can never go wrong!’ Also where could I find these super cool, funky and pocket friendly vest it had to be at Bewakoof ! You guys should check out their website for some cool, sporty stuff!


So this was my first look featuring men’s ‘Dope’ vest from Bewakoof, pairing it with black pant and white canvas shoes! And white sling was just to add a feminine touch to it! 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this look!


Getting inspired from men’s wardrobe!!


Hey guys,

Fashion has always been evolving as we are moving ahead. So is my perception for fashion getting even bigger and wider! I feel so pride to have started with this blog. As earlier I had no idea where would it take me or how my journey would be! I just use to do it for fun.. But today I know there is reason behind my every post, there is always someone out there waiting to read my blogs.. And I am so happy to share this with you all.


So talking more on outfits of this post, what has actually inspired me is how men’s dress these days. Lately I have been observing more on their style ideas and tried to relate it with what we girls/women dress.

There are so many things that we girls/ladies can actually steal from men’s wardrobe. So this sweatshirt is actually from my male friend’s closet. This colour is actually so fresh and bright and just so perfect to wear in any season throughout the year. I also like how this has turned out on  me making me look so cute yet so edgy. Following this the ankle length trends are also that men’s are followed for. Be it like wearing Oxford boots to wearing a cute bow tie. All this has crossed the barrier of describing anything that is ‘only’ made for men’s.


Now-a-days it solely depends on how you carry yourself, what makes that outfit look totally yours even if it’s not? That’s the self-confidence and the attitude to carry it with grace and dignity.


Now these are the few things that you can actually grab from men’s wardrobe.
1. A sweatshirt
2. Any Black/White shirt


This is what actually came into my mind when I thought to share this post. Let me know if there are any more stuff to add-on.





The Split Affair!!


Hello guys,

Every Thursday excites me! As I get to share my view on anything and everything. So this is to confess you all that I am not a fashion freak at all, but I love whatever pleases my eye, & if that’s comfort giving I would surely blog them!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Yes just like many other people I also have my own perspective of looking at things,but sometimes they are not that stylish, as my main motive is to enjoy comfort and yet to look pretty.


And talking of beauty and prettiness I feel every girl on this planet earth looks more elegant and prettier in any kind of Indian touch to her outfits! And one of them are the Kurtis! They are just made for every girl no matter what color, size or shape she is of! You just tend to look much prettier the moment you wear it!

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Now this slit kurti is from koovs fashion, so just let me share my experience about koovs!

Koovs is basically an online shopping store where u get variety of brands at just one click directly at your doorsteps! Till now I have bought almost 2-3 pieces from their page and I simply enjoyed my experience of shopping online!

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

The quality of clothing is nothing to doubt for! It’s trendy, cheap and long-lasting! Check out their website and do not doubt on anything if you have to buy it just do it, because you are at right place!! I personally enjoyed using their stuff so made a quick small review through this post!

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

So style your own plain kurti the way you feel suits you just add-on little more accessories than usual and you are good to go! And now I can even wear this slit kurti over and above my denim shorts or jeans as well, so this is the best outfit that will make you look Indian as well as add a western touch onto it!

Also to tell you guys, sale is heading up this weekend so its time to shower pampering on us and make yourself look prettier! ❤️

Be cute & welcome Monsoon!!

Hey lovely people,

Monsoons are here and I am sharing my first blog for this season!! I am so excited.. I just love how the weather changes and makes me feel cozy and comfy throughout. This sounds really dramatic, but looking at raindrops is so fascinating  ❤ . And why not, monsoons in Bombay are fun!

IMG_4506 (2).jpg


Talking about rains, getting dressed this season could become a bit tedious. So most of my styling would be comfort oriented but yet to make it look stylish. This time I thought to wear this cute casual pink dress, which adds a sporty look. I paired it up with this printed jacked and i am good to go! 😀 Adding sneakers on anything and everything is what the trend says..


IMG_4486 (2).jpg

Monsoon is the season where there is room for everything that is short, cute yet comfortable. Keep your make up minimal and enjoy this season. Wear loose cloths, watch those raindrops and enjoy your weekends sipping a coffee while reading a good book.

This was my short take on monsoons, I would love to share more of my thoughts and stories with you guys. Happy reading!! XoXo


Being Bold is new Freedom!!

Hello Guys,

I hope you all are having a lovely start to this monsoons. I am having too!! Monsoons take me back to the time when I just keep on dreaming staring at the rains. Where I build my own house full of memories and wishes. All this is so positive and joyful.


Talking about the blog post, this post is going to be all about being you and being bold. I strongly believe, if you are strong enough to deal with any fact, then you are ultimately happy enough to survive in that space. I feel being you and being bold, is getting lost somewhere or is being misled to something else. That is, we either become aggressive by the name “bold” or we either become a slave of someone else’s thoughts by consciously or subconsciously thinking about what others think of us. So just stick to who you are & your roots, don’t fall for this things and make them rule over you. 🙂

final IMG_4439.jpg

Any ways, coming out of my philosophical gyaan I would like to share the outfit details with you all 😀 . Since I was thinking about strong women in our society who aren’t depended on anyone else for their happiness, ‘being bold’ took a lead in my mind. So I am depicting this boldness via the way I dressed myself in this post.


Now this red top is actually a knee-length dress that I already shared with you guys in my initial blog post, you can check the actual dress here. I thought to create this look from whatever was easily available at my wardrobe. So I grabbed this red dress paired it with this pencil skirt which is from forever 21 and completed the look. This skirt can be paired with any dark colour on the top adding a strong contrast effect overall. I never believe to overdo things, being simple is being me so I added a golden neck piece and a bold lip shade to complete this entire look.

IMG_4438.jpg final.jpg

final IMG_4433.jpg

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you did please shower your love here. I would love to read them. ❤




Time to upgrade your old Denim.


Hello guys,

This post is going to be little different from my usual blog posts. I will be sharing a quick and easy denim DIY story 😀

So who doesn’t like cute little things in their wardrobe or room decor, just like I do.
But I m not the one who is much into DIY or stuff like that but I do like to watch more of those videos and try to learn as many new things as possible from them.
And with this DIY I thought why not share my ‘knowledge’ with you guys and educate you as well 😛 haha.


But whatever be the output but I am going to preserve it for long 🙂 (after all its my hard work yaa 😀 )

Now coming to outfit, white on white is something that I really wanted to wear from so long. The outfit speaks for itself. White is sheer elegance, comfort and so apt for summer/spring. You just need to add a few pair of accessories and a handbag so that you are good to go! 😀

Since I wanted to add a pop of colour, i paired it with my old denim jacket. And this denim look is from quick and easy DIY.


Now all you need is a fabric glue,few cloth or paper made stickers (mine are stitched ones bought from random tailoring shop) and any creative stuff that you would like to add-on.

So here you go:

Firstly place your stickers on denim and arrange it the way you want… Then if you are happy with the look then just paste it using fabric glue 🙂
Once done with pasting the stickers let it dry for a while and then iron your denim shirt, so that your sticker gets fixed.

Then add those smiles wherever you like and you are good to go.


That’s it. Such a quick and easy DIY 😀

So if you guys liked it do let me know and share your quick DIY ideas in comments below. 🙂



Trend Alert!!

“Style your work”. This is what comes to my mind when I see these pictures. Yes dungarees have been in trend lately and i don’t feel ,it’s going away anytime soon. So styling a denim or skirt dungarees is just too much in trend now. So I thought why not try my hands on this piece.


I bought this set again from Addery fashion house, the first piece I got from their store was shared in my previous blog post that you can check out here. Like I mentioned earlier they are one stop shop store for fashion, style, accessory everything that you need to complete your look.



I personally loved this whole outfit as the feel is classy as well as formal. If I had to wear it at some brunch or dinner I would simply add a crop top inside to make it look more stylish for the event. I would also suggest to go for Red crop top that would add a good contrast to this look.


The culottes with dungarees is a unique combination that too adding a formal look. Its kind off challenging to wear this at work place but girl, if you want to stand tall and be confident this is what would work for you. Add a nude lip shade and a good clutch to complete this look.

“Be strong and Be confident”. Keep sharing your love!

Also let me know how you find this post!


Wandering in my own city!!

Hey guys,

I read a quote somewhere and my mind got filled with bunch of thoughts, I would just like to share it with you all. It says “Become who you are”. There is a deeper meaning to this thought and mechanism behind this saying. I personally got very much connected to this. Talking about this, I was feeling the happiness of life, my journey as of till now. Yes there are may challenges, but taking it positively & learning from them is what really matters.


These pictures truly depict how I look at life, I often enjoy with my own self. Getting lost in thoughts and feeling the beauty around really rejuvenates my mind. Sounds a little dramatic but once you feel it, you might love it too. ❤



And now, let’s get back to our business – talking about what I wore 😀 . My outfit is nothing but an amalgamation of a loose pyjama with a crop top. As we all know crop tops are in action and just could go with anything and everything be it pants, shorts, pyjamas, skirts. Also since its white on bottoms we can wear any colour on top that will be apt for this summer. And yes, I am wearing these metallic flash tattoo accessory to complete this look. Just carry it with grace and dignity and you are good to go!!



Cost details: Pyjamas just for Rs 150/- and crop top for Rs 250/- both from Colaba . This is what made me more happy 😀 .

And Yes I am loving this loose cool comfy feeling. Just so perfect for this summers. Try this out and let’s share the same vibes.


My best comfort pants for this summer!!

Vacations are here guys & I can see a few smiling faces around!! But I am still planning my day out. (Hope it happens soon.. 😛 ) But this is what I wore on my day to meet a bunch of friends and later followed by a family shopping time.


But before starting my day, I decided to blog this look. This entire outfit is from “ADDERY Fashion House“, a place where shopping is much easier. This is one stop shop where you could get everything and anything starting from your accessories to your footwear and obviously outfits under one roof. They provide a wide range of clothing options. I visited their store at Churni Road & was guided by some pretty ladies who helped me to manage and get the whole look. ADDERY Fashion also has their online store that you can check out here.



I was pretty happy with what I choose, since I had to travel for whole day – meet people, shop, etc. I made sure to be comfortable yet look stylish. Also to share with you guys prints are not something that I often prefer to wear. But this time it was pretty easier since the look and feel was so summary and pleasant to me. The cute denim top made me look classy on top with floral pants making me look cute at the same time. I accessorize it with this brown bag pack and a pair of sunglasses. 🙂



I could feel pretty, young and tall again 😀 I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don’t forget to check their page out for more stuff and details.

Until our next post enjoy vacations guyss!!!  ❤




Lights, Camera, Studio!!


Time flies so fast yaa!! Like I am thinking that 2016 just started and by the time we came to mid of the year – Things are changing around here, and I am glad that I am part of this. Talking about that, I can feel the change in me as well. Be it in perspective to look at things, to talk with people, my behaviour patterns and all this is just so positive to me!!


Anyhow, let us talk on this post.

This time I wanted to try on something different, as I am new to this & wanted to experiment myself with new things around. Like playing with lights, we all know how important lights are when it comes to photography. Also majority of my bloggers friends would agree to this – that finding a location is our next concern. So to find a solution to this or you can say to try on different things we decided to go for a studio shoot!!



I know the look gets completely different, but it was a good experience to work with those lights. Also if you guys follow me on Snapchat you must have seen my this story earlier during our shoot, if you aren’t following me yet then I have mentioned my user ID below.


And this pretty little ZABEL dress fits me so well. I look just like a kid to myself which I like.. The silhouette adds sheer comfort to my body. Also the colour is so bright and playful expressing all the summer and spring happiness. I loved the plates on the skirt which enhanced my body more making me look cute yet stylish. I added a small handbag to coordinate this set. 😀


That’s all for this post guys.

Express your views in the comments below, and have that smile always 🙂


Dress : ZABEL

Go Edgy and Get High on Heels!


Happy Confessions – This look is all about the street wear and my moments of happy shopping days were I could find everything satisfying to my pockets 😛

I am listing below the places from where these stuffs were bought, with their cost details:

  • Top is from Hill Road for Rs500
  • Cigarette pants are from Colaba for Rs200
  • Wedges are from Linking Road for Rs 350 (They are gifted though) 😀





Now coming back to our post,

Thought to wear something sheer and basic this time around, the beige colour still makes me feel classy and bold. I recently browsed through my post uploads and found that I have been loving the Indo-western feel way too much these days. And that, I couldn’t stop sharing it with you guys.

But this time it’s all about comfort to beat this heat! Colours when choose right, play a great role to enlighten your outfit, just like this one did! This beige colour makes me look vibrant attractive and happy at the end. 🙂



All that I felt while shooting this post was magnificent. It made me feel independent, classy and bold at the same time. This also made me realise wearing your outfits with class and dignity boosts your confidence and moral as well. So always “Dress how you want to be addressed”.


Just a tip there is nothing more than adding a bold lipstick as an accessory. Carry your class and walk your journey with dignity.

Stay classy Continue reading

Wear your Kurta like a Dress!!

Hello pretty faces,

How is this summer treating you all?? I am no where close to my jeans section in this summer. It is getting really hot these days!! Any way lets begin with the outfit fun. As the title itself suggests – I wore a Kurti like a Dress! And I feel so simple yet elegant in it. ❤


As this time I wanted to do something different from just wearing those usual pair of shorts, florals and stuff! So I challenged myself by not spending a single rupee on my outfits!!! And yes it was a massive win 😀



I loved how this cute little thing makes me look more graceful and elegant. It also maintains the famine touch with a good mixture of Indian with west. The most attractive and playful part of this outfit is its colour which speaks loud!! Its vibrant, its classy, its Indian and it makes me more strong and bold. The feeling is so comfortable and soothing as the material is extremely light in weight and just so perfect to bear this heat.


You can add a sling bag or your Handbag to this, also sneakers could do a great job with this small cute Kurti-Dress. Accessories yourself and you are good to go.


Try to wear your kurti this way, add some accessories to it and share your look 🙂 . Trust me you would love it! Also share in comments below if you have any more ideas to experiment with our outfits so that we can help each other to mutually save our money more 😀

Till then keep smilng, posting more pictures & spread love.

“Life is too short to be anything but happy”


                                                                Outfit – Global Desi

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“Time to flaunt your Beauty Bones”

Hello Lovers,

This post is mainly on my obsession for the off-shoulder top which I am pairing with a dhoti pant.The vibes are so comfortable and environment friendly in this pair of outfit,that you must try it out.

And for every girl its time to flaunt your “Beauty Bones”. So I decided to wear it without any jacket just by keeping it simple. Also this would definitely add so much grace and curve to your femininity. ❤


By paring this off shoulder top with a dhoti pant I wanted to create a whole new Indo-western look. You can wear this same outfit in different ways too. One of the ways can be just like how I am wearing it in these pictures, just by tucking the top with your dhoti pant. Another one can be a super casual just by letting the top flow out and the third way can be wearing this off shoulder like a crop top by adding a knot aside.

But I prefer wearing it this way, also this Hippie look is so cool you must try it out as well.. This look is basically the combination of grace being bold!!



Also whatever way you choose this is going to make every girl look more feminine and flirty which is just so perfect for springs.I bought this off-shoulder top from Max (Rs499/-) and Dhoti pant from Melange. There were many cute things around but I liked this one the most 😀



So its perfect time for girls to add this pieces to your closet and proudly flaunt them around. 😀 Also just to say – “Happiness comes in pretty little things, so don’t miss out on them”. 🙂

Have a great day





Colours of Life with Palanquine.

Hello you all,

First of all thank you so much for being a part of my Fashion Blogging journey, thank you for all the good things that you write it really means a lot. Now to continue with this post, we recently visited Palanquine store. And I was very impressed by their apparels.

Here I am wearing an outfit from “Palanquine – by Sandhya Shah”.


They have a wide range of outfits starting from Indian to Western. I wanted to wear something in western this time. This red plated skirt got my eyes stuck and soon wanted to try it out. And it fitted me so well, by adding a softness in the fabric. Also I got to team it up with off shoulder top which makes the outfit look complete. To add a little edgy and playful look I wore it like a high waist skirt. And I am good to go!






And this second look is again inspired by Summers. I wanted to wear something that I could tell you guys to try out this summer and what better than this. I wore a white shorts with a pink singlet and added a printed cape on it. You can wear singlet of different colours and add a cape to stand out! ❤

IMG_7953 (2).JPG

Palanquine actually has got lot of options so I could easily get what I actually wanted. 



Also the collection of Indian, Indo-western outfits is so wide, I would definitely love to collaborate again and share my thoughts on the Indian outfits. It was really a colourful and a bright place to be at – offering me with everything.

Have a colourful weekend guys!!

Comment below how you like this post 😀

Flyrobe – Drops Happiness!

Hello Lovely people,

All new post is up again, just to see those smiling faces around. I just love to share what I feel always with you guys and this is the best place where I could do it.

There are time when I feel to go back into my shell where there is no room for light. I wish to stop and think of what I am today or what I am doing today. Basically analysing myself is the current hobby I guess.

This is when I realise how important it is to be in darkness sometime and just to see things happening around and learn from them. But in today’s fast and carefree world we tend to struggle on daily basis for that one recognition or attention, just by running behind the bulls for success. But my friend it is not necessary to always be on stage, sometimes being in the audience and at a back-seat in that darkness, showers more happiness and pleasure to our life.


Let the Outfit talk now!!

Flyrobe came along dropping smiles. It is a rental place for female closet where you get to rent a outfit for 3 days. And frankly I was impressed by their service. They are just a call away my friend.

I ordered this outfit on Saturday morning and got it delivered by Saturday afternoon itself, wasn’t this too quick? Yes!! And I used this for almost 2 days. The return date was on Monday! I was so massively impressed by all of this. They made my weekend simply perfect.


I feel this is perfectly made for summers and spring, also the material fits my body so well adding a sheek effect all together.

I would suggest you guys to visit their page- I shall mention the link below and find some more interesting outfits there.


Since Flyrobe is here, we girls don’t have to worry any more, be it for any occasion, party, function they are just there to help us out. It a pocket friendly place as well! 🙂

So – “Why to buy when you can rent”.

Stay Happy


Grey Armour!

Hey lovely people,

Recently I visited Lifestyle store just to have a look around at the outfits and was really impressed to see how Fashion has been evolving so drastically in our society. I am all over in love again with how we Indians have adopted this sense of fashion. Which is not only comfortable but at the same time embraces the elegance and grace and makes it look more prettier.


Then I found this dress which was super casual, sheek and is adding a bold effect. Also simply because it is summer I would love to carry this piece any time and anywhere around. This was super cheap investment I guess (just 899 bugs).

The thought was to carry this dress the way it is – just by keeping things simple, easy and still making it look good. So just carried a bag, a good pair of shoe and life said “You are ready to go”. 😀


And now just a quick “Must haves” that I follow for this summer:

  1. Cool Bag – Since face might get dull due to heat, travel and stuff but I will make sure my outfit, shoe and Bag to make the difference.
  2. Wipes – Oh yes!! This was very obvious and at the same time very essential during these days.
  3. A Good Perfume.

Yes and that is what I need to survive these days with a glass of watermelon juice. 🙂


I think I am just so obsessed about this heat/summer that I could only write about that. But never mind, share your thoughts in comments below and wear whatever you want to – ‘As its hot you better cut it to shorts’ 😉

Have a lovely weekend guys.




Summer Lookbook!

Hey Lovely Faces,

So its time to put that leather Jacket off, & forget those long pants, or skinny jeans and also those sweat shirts for that matter… Omg just dump them somewhere. And just forget to wear anything that fits you like a “Mummy Outfit”.



Wear loose comfy cloths, just like ‘Alia Bhatt’ wore in her latest movie – Kapoor & Sons ( I loved her lace top 🙂 ). Yes Off-Shoulder tops are back in action. And I will definitely wear them in any of my upcoming post. Anyway lets get back to the topic. The thing is wear loose and comfy cloths, since its super hot I am not going to wrap me with tight things. Also keep the colour of your outfit environment friendly, just like peach or floral prints. Something that will give a tough fight to these summer heat.

So this time I thought to spend my weekend wearing these super comfortable pieces. One with military colour skirt and other with a super cute dress.

For Look 1 : I had thought to keep it way simple and comfortable just by carrying a black purse and a black lace shoe to complement. And playing with something black on military green colour was in my mind when I saw this skirt dress.





For Look 2 : With this I was pretty confused as the dress itself was so cute that it did not demand for any over do accessory or complementing things. So the challenge was to change the way the dress actually looked. Thus, I gave it a sporty wear, by adding long pair of socks and sports shoe team it up with a long jacket and that is it.






I hope you guys enjoyed this post. And thank you all so very much for appreciating my work and post that I share. You guys mean a lot. And your views matter so keep posting your take on this in comments below and lets grow together. ❤



A Day with Kalki Fashion.

Hey lovely people out there!!! I hope you all are at good of your health. We need to share some happy moments together. 🙂 YES!! This blog post will be all about smiles and new things happening around.


Last weekend was super fun and that obviously you can get to know through my pictures that I have been posting throughout my Social media handles.


‘We’ that is #clickthatstyle_team had visited Kalki Store at Worli. And we were so amazed 😀 . All the detailing around, those glitters and small pieces of work – embellishments on outfit made our day. Also the pastel colour on the walls around had left me in the swanky effect.


Everything was so perfect and amazing on that day. Like meeting new people around, working for each other, creating new experiences have always been so exciting for me.

The time when I was looking around for dresses, made me think of how diversified yet beautiful is our culture, which welcomes every style, piece of art with open arms.



Kalki has made sure that it provides every girl that satisfaction about the way she drives herself to be. It has showered us with variety of options to play with – be it for any festival, function or occasion. All you need to do is grab your most loved outfit and flaunt around.


So if you are wondering on what to wear this summer wedding season, drop at your nearest Kalki store and grab your love for this season.

Also just to mention – that smile looks pretty on you ❤   .





Happily Dusted!

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself” – Tony Robbins.

I love being in my world full of myself where I can talk, discover my soul my inner voice. And what better place than this blog where I can share my thoughts with you guys.

Recently came across a video of Malala at the Ellen’s show where she said a few lines on forgiveness which astonished me and made me think on this.

So this time I was stuck somewhere between forgiveness and practising that. It was when I realised that its just to let go of hostility and hatred that I had bottled up in my mind which was ultimately good for myself rather than somebody else. Its always good to let go of what harms you rather than just allowing it to destroy your inner piece.


If I can let it go then definitely you can. Ultimately its about who you are what you think and then what you do.Nobody but you can change your thoughts, attitude and gesture.

Everyday is a new story, a new aspect and a new thing to learn from and I love to grab and change things this way.



Now coming to our favourite part of the post – Outfit details. This time I wanted to be extremely easy casual and comfortable. This play around attire can be carried at any place be it sports club, a day out, movie dates or a dinner look. I love how carelessly this jeans is ripped to fit me so well. Sometimes we love being dirty 😀

So add a pullover, a statement accessory with a bag and there you go darling ❤ .


Also this week was a tribute to celebrate the joy of being a Women. And the perfect way to celebrate this day, was arranged by Poland-based cosmetic brand Inglot at Palladium. They gathered thousands of women to paint their nails and has set a mark for themselves in the Guinness Book of World Records. See what women brigade can do! 😀

Be proud for you being yourself my girl ❤





” A women can be over dressed , but never over Elegant ” – Coco channel.

This line suits so well throughout the post. And I know most of us would agree on this. We sometimes just don’t feel like taking the whole trouble to dress up well, then thinking on what accessories would complement it, what bag shall I carry ??… And so on… We just feel like stepping out of house in those pyjamas. 😀 I feel you girl 😛

But we can’t do that at work place, at dinner date or at family meetups etc. We have to show that we ” Dress like Jackie”.

So making things easier for all of us I came up with this post and also discovered my love for stripes.

I think stripes have a special connection with me, I just cannot get over them. They are so simple, that you can carry anything with this piece of cloth, it won’t disappoint you 🙂 .


Whenever I am stuck with what should I wear today? Or if I am running short of cloths (which is every girl’s story) , I end up buying anything in Black. I just can’t see anything more attractive rather than black these days.


These stripes are just part of that black outfit which is then layered with stripes. I can see many happy faces behind this! To give a bold or a night look put on any dark lip shade (I would prefer red colour) and carry this dress. You will rock the floor for any occasion.



But for my this look I decided to go for a mate nude lip shade. The look was simply an effortless creation of comfort and style. You can create your own style as these layers suits any colour and body type. The best part is that there is no particular way to carry this look. Just be yourself and you will rock it ❤ .



So give it a try and share your story as well. Because you are a pretty soul.


Sell your Story..!

“Deep rivers run quiet” – Haruki Murakami.

Recently crushing over books by this person. I haven’t read much of them but whatever has came across has instantly captured a place in my heart. His Books have a great energy and is really high on spirits and imagination.


I have been loving philosophical side in myself, which I have discovered recently a lot in me. It not only helps me to grow as a person, but also enhances my creative instincts. To add more power are these books which I prefer reading often. The first book on self help- call it self love or art to know your own value was gifted to me by my dearest friend. The book was by Robin Sharma. I am crushing over this philosophical thing in me, it has made me go deep in thoughts and discover myself. Try something like this if we share same choices may be this will thoroughly motivate you.



Now lets move on to the outfit details. As I have been saying since my first post being simple and comfortable is all that you need. So this work look is perfectly blended with some casual summer shorts and creating some “fun at work”. If you are allowed to wear anything at your work place or even after your 9-5 job you wish to hang out I would prefer wearing this. The colour is light and perfect for my summer day outs.

Even if I have to look a little corporate and classy at same time then, here we go!



Try this fun and bold look and tell your story. Also please share your views on it in comments section below. Share as much as you can. Do follow if you really like this post!


Palazzo that adds an Edge!


“Surround yourself with dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see in yourself”.

Having said that this day was full of positive vibes, good spirits, a good place with perfect lights and food!! I was sipping coffee, trying to be in my world full of thoughts, emotions, happiness. Thinking about “change”.


Change is constant, it is an integral part of our life. Even if we say, we don’t want to change we do!! Unknowingly, consciously, sub consciously. Which is good I think. To accept and be the change is like a self motivating therapy. It helps me to discover new things, to experiment in my comfort zone, to extend my thoughts. It opens all the gates and boundaries that I had set for myself. In a good way of course!! So lets be the change. 🙂



And adding more happiness to this is my outfit. Which gave me immense comfort to be myself. The colour of this palazzo pant sets a standard, they add an edge to the outfit when styled with a body fit crop top. It actually suits all body types and embraces the shape. The look is so elegant and bold in itself. I am so sure that it is only normal to some of us who are left with the ‘looking at’, or perhaps just a raised eyebrow. And now not to forget that neck piece which added a statement all together. Don’t forget accessories are best friends when you are simple at the outfit.


Keeping things minimal and styling it in simple way works best for me. Also, I feel this look is best suited for a shopping day out or even for a Brunch look!

Try this look and let me know more ways to carry this! Lets share and create new ideas 🙂 Have a lovely day.


Vintage Vibes!

India is versatile country, accepting all the trends, styles, changes in society, fashion world all together over a short period of time. I remember it had hardly been five to six years from the time that I had joined my Junior college and the time now, things have changed drastically in our country. From accepting and welcoming new culture, changing our lifestyles to dumping those negative myths and beliefs. The change is positive and talking about this, fashion world has been changing on daily basis I must say!

Canon EOS 700D262

Nothing goes out of fashion is what I feel, every old thing when re-styled in a new way could be trend setters today! The dress that I am wearing is a wrap around skirt, which I have styled as a tube maxi dress. The vibrant colour made me think of our culture. So the idea was to create the Indo – western look. I am thoroughly amazed by how fashion has evolved today. If you are bored of wearing things in same old way, then create your own idea and style it to make that feel totally new.

Canon EOS 700D161

This wrap around skirts were lately in trend, giving us more opportunities to play around with them. They are best suited for all body types. This makes me feel more graceful and elegant. The flares adds more joy and creates that boho look. To add an edge to this, team it up with some good accessories and casual shoes. And I am complete now!

Canon EOS 700D267

Looking at this pictures I feel I am newly in love with this piece of art. The colour and print of skirt is so vibrant and joyful that would simply enlighten the mood. You can carry a long cape or a black/ brown jacket as well. I feel this look is best for summer.

So let me know how you like this post and share your views in comments section below. Also you can follow me by entering your email id and be updated about my latest post. Let the game of Love begin 🙂


A Day in Red Dress!

Hello Lovers,

So today I am here with new post on upcoming Valentines day outfit. How many of you have planned your outfit for that day?? Or are you stuck somewhere?? Let me help you out by this post then.

How beautiful it is to share our love with someone!! For school going kids I know this is just like a mini festival.. Hehe!! Boys are just like I want to ask her for dinner, write a note to her, gift her chocolates from my pocket money, stuff like that. And girls be like he’s my crush let me ask him for some quality time, or his number, send a request on Facebook!! There’s love around that whole day, as we know someone in this world is expressing his/her feeling to their partner. I truly wish this stays forever. And yaa, most important thing, this day is definitely not only for Lovers but also for expressing your love towards best friend, society, family, a pet for that matter. Be it any one, whom you love and adore the most! For me its my Grandfather who passed away last year! But he is there in all true spirits, showering his blessings and uncountable love for me,he is and will always be my ADDU!!

So just do something special on that day! If you aren’t willing to spend or don’t have money to spend on then write notes, letters.. I would suggest writing stuff as its the best way to express any emotion according to me. You can even share a video or any old picture of yours and drop a smile on the face of others. Spread smiles across, make the other person feel special.



So now coming to our outfit details , the red dress was bought in December when I was in Goa. I just loved how that cloth fits me so well. And frankly it was super cheap so I didn’t wanted to miss on this one! (Just for 200 bugs 😛 , I know 😀 ) And now I got the right time and occasion to wear this colour!! So if you are planning a raw nigh out party with your group of girlfriends I would go for the one with Denim jacket! And the other one definitely if you want to hang out with your guy, like some Date night outfit go for the one with black cape.




Both the looks are very classy, elegant and subtle. I love keeping my style simple and playing with it that way. So now wear your outfit for Valentines day! Tag me in that picture on my Instagram account and share your story with me. Also tell me how you liked my this post in comments section below. You can follow me simply by adding your email Id so that you do not miss out on any post.

Have a lovely time ahead!

Cheers 🙂

Forever 21 : The Look!



Hello Readers,

A huge Hug to greet you all. Its been a while I have posted anything on our Blog! Actually was tied up with many things! Anyhow, lets start with the idea behind outfit! So whenever I see or think about Pleated skirt it takes me back to those old school days and those uniforms. This is mainly because of the Sporty and playful nature of its design.

I know when you read the word ‘School’ there starts flashback movie in your head, this is my story as well. 😀 The place where there was our first crush, our best-friend, those morning prayers, best recess ever, one girl/guy whom we use to dislike for any foolish reason, that “PT lecture” (which we all use to eagerly wait for) , those creepy fights, gossip corners, and last but definitely not the least that one teacher whom we all troubled a lot! There are hell lot of memories but , I will have to stop now as there is much to share on outfit details as well.





So I think Forever 21 has helped me to step in those shoes again, by adding the elements of style to it. And I guess no body especially girls would wish to come out of that store with empty hands once they have entered. As it has lot more to offer us. Also the best part is that they are super cheap. I got this skirt and the shirt from Forever 21 , and there was this stock clearing sale I guess, where I got this at a super cheap price. The maroon pleated skirt is so comfortable and stylish, and the colour itself will grab the attention as bright and vibrant colours are must this season. Just to add on I feel every wardrobe must have a maroon colour cloth be it plazos, pants, skirts, etc. just as we have the colour black! Believe me snug look serves the best. I wanted to create a casual yet sporty look so added pair of shoes to it, which I got from Hill road.








Now this outfit is best for some casual meetup, or for attending a birthday party, or some meeting at any restaurant. Just make a little changes as per the occasion and you are ready to go.

Tell me if you try this look somewhere, share your picture and tag me on Instagram at @clickthatstyles If you really liked this post then do follow our blog for being more updated. All you need to do is click follow icon on right side of the screen and add your email ID to it. Also do share your views on this story in comments below.

Cheers 🙂

Glory of “Self-Love”.

Hello Lovers,

First of all Happy New Year guys! Last month was full of fun,joy happiness and spreading love around. December had always been the best time of the year for me, but this time there were many reasons for it. First was my Birthday and Christmas fun! Another one was special as 2015 gave me this “Clickthatstyle” ❤ .


To start with something that you love doing is just awe-inspiring. And this post is all about believing in – Self love 🙂 . There is nothing as beautiful as this emotion in the world for me. To conquer this feeling of self love you will have to overcome the fear of your own self!


There are no expectations no hurts no regrets in this, and the most graceful thing is in believing in yourself. Everyone has a bad day in their life, but don’t curse yourself on that. Feel great full of what you are, appreciate your self for the good deeds that you have done be it small or big! Walk alone, talk to yourself, shower treats on yourself, re discover new things in you.


And as the picture says I’m loving this feeling of enjoying myself around, walking the long roads alone, feeling the peace around. The beauty of nature has glorified me, and the evening wouldn’t have been so comfortable without this outfit.I have styled my old printed pant with Grey top, as black white and grey can never go wrong when they are placed together! They are comfortable and elegant as well. To complete this look bag has been the best friend for me.


This is how I love myself! Share your thoughts on this in comments below. Wishing all of you a year full of success and happiness, lets make it a memorable one! 🙂

#much love




Plaids are never OLD!









Welcome back.

This time its all about the old things in a new way. Plaid shirts are never out of fashion (at least for me). I would prefer them any time anywhere.When you are left with no option and if you are lazy enough to think on what to wear this might act as a solution.

To start with in my first look I am wearing a white T-Shirt inside with those ripped jeans (my favourite) and yes those Shoes 😀 – They are the oldest pair I still have. I remember buying it when I was in class 12 and that was about 4 to 5 years back! I thought of using them throughout this post, because they actually completed all my looks!


The second look is all about being simple! Just like a pristine is that silver accessory, which complemented the look. I would carry this outfit at a Sunday morning movie or meeting my bunch of happiness (Friends) at coffee shop 😛 .

Accessory  : Colaba

And now the last one! I don’t think I need to describe much on this. This is when I wish to be locked in a room with my favourite book a hot coffee and serenity. Sometimes that is all I need.


Also to complete the whole look you can add a black/brown sling bag and you are ready to go.


I hope this will help a few of you, tell me if you have any more ideas to style a shirt in different ways in comments below.

And not to forget -THANK YOU for much love and support that you gave me on my first post :* and also tell me how do you like this.

#much love